Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Websites I Love That Aren't About Books (12)

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This week's topis is...

Ten Websites I Love That Aren't About Books 
1. Facebook
2. Youtube
What else do I have to say about these two? They are basically everything that you need to survive on a deserted island (along with a good book and food/water of course).

3. My Drama List
This website is definitely very useful for me, considering the amount of dramas that I watch in the course of my lifetime. My Drama List is a lot like Goodreads, except it is for books. I probably go on almost as much as I do on Goodreads and that is saying a lot.  

4. Drama Fever
5. Viki
Drama Fever and Viki are two websites that I use to watch all my dramas. 

6. Wikipedia
Even though my teachers get mad if we use Wikipedia, I still use it quite often for other information.

7. Pinterest
I started using Pinterest a couple months back, and what can I say, I am obsessed. There are so many amaing projects done by so many creative people and I can't get enough of it. 

8. Amazon
I just love going on Amazon and browsing through all their stuff and wishing I could buy them all.

9. AllKpop
I'm gonna cheat a little bit here. I actually don't go on the website, but I do read their articles from Facebook though and I think that would count.

10. I can't think of anything else for the last one.

Cindy Da Readaholic.


  1. AMAZON is a dangerous place for me to hang out. Even still I don't keep away, and love it. Now to remind myself to indulge in "window shopping" only. ;)

  2. Amazon is an amazing website. I spend far too much money on there ;-)

  3. Pinterest is so addictive. Once I start the rest of the day is gone :)My TTT


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