Review: The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen (The Queen of the Tearling #2)

Type: Trilogy
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adult
Date Published: June 9, 2015
Publisher: Harper
Source: Hardcover // Amazon
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Spoiler For Series!

Summary: With each passing day, Kelsea Glynn is growing into her new responsibilities as Queen of the Tearling. By stopping the shipments of slaves to the neighboring kingdom of Mortmesne, she crossed the Red Queen, a brutal ruler whose power derives from dark magic, who is sending her fearsome army into the Tearling to take what is hers. And nothing can stop the invasion.

But as the Mort army draws ever closer, Kelsea develops a mysterious connection to a time before the Crossing, and she finds herself relying on a strange and possibly dangerous ally: a woman named Lily, fighting for her life in a world where being female can feel like a crime. The fate of the Tearling —and that of Kelsea’s own soul—may rest with Lily and her story, but Kelsea may not have enough time to find out.


I freakin enjoyed this book! In this sequel, Kelsea has become a different person now, stronger, braver, and more queenly like. Kelsea is preparing for the invasion of the Mort, but there is greater danger among the Tears. She began to take action for her kingdom and a very admirable person.

There was more action in this book and there are more details surrounding the world and the history of it. The world is pretty unique in my opinion. I didn't really get it in first book, but there was more details about the pre-crossing and the Tear.

There was the switching of perspectives in this book, mainly with Kelsea and Lily, a woman from before the crossing. I especially love reading about Lily's life. It showed us how messed up America and basically the entire world has become and why William Tear would act to cross to the better world.

There was a lot of developments of characters as we get to know each and one of them better. The Red Queen was still unbearable, but she's not one of my least favorite character now.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It was very entertaining and I can't wait for the next book. There are still some unanswered question stuck in my head that wants to be answered.

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  1. Your review enticed me to add this series to my TBR and when I got to GR, I found that I have already added the first book. Evidently it made it through my recent culling of my list, and I didn't realize. Thanks for your review and for bringing it back to my attention.

    1. Thank you and I really hope you get into this series because it is just one of my favorite series out there right now!


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