Review: Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram

Type: Stand-Alone
Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult
Date Published: October 1, 2014
Publisher: Bluefields
Source: Ebooks

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Summary: It’s been almost a year since eighteen-year-old Ella Rodriguez was in a car accident that left her crippled, scarred, and without a mother. After a very difficult recovery, she’s been uprooted across the country and forced into the custody of a father that abandoned her when she was a young child. If Ella wants to escape her father’s home and her awful new stepfamily, she must convince her doctors that she’s capable, both physically and emotionally, of living on her own. The problem is, she’s not ready yet. The only way she can think of to start healing is by reconnecting with the one person left in the world who’s ever meant anything to her—her anonymous Internet best friend, Cinder. … 

Hollywood sensation Brian Oliver has a reputation for being trouble. There’s major buzz around his performance in his upcoming film The Druid Prince, but his management team says he won’t make the transition from teen heartthrob to serious A-list actor unless he can prove he’s left his wild days behind and become a mature adult. In order to douse the flames on Brian’s bad-boy reputation, his management stages a fake engagement for him to his co-star Kaylee. Brian isn’t thrilled with the arrangement—or his fake fiancĂ©e—but decides he’ll suffer through it if it means he’ll get an Oscar nomination. Then a surprise email from an old Internet friend changes everything.


I saw a review from one of my favorite blogs about this book and it really piqued my interest.  I don't read a lot of contemporaries and when I do, they don't really interest me a lot so it is definitely hard to find contemporary books that would fit my taste. I love fairy tale retellings so I had to pick this up because, duh, Cinderella.

Not surprising though, I actually enjoyed this book a lot. Cinder and Ella is a quick read and I've come to admire Kelly Oram's writing style. Her way of telling the story makes it really hard to put it down and the flow of the story was decent, it wasn't to rushed nor was it too slowed.

I liked Ella from the moment she was introduced. The way she gets excited over books just had me smiling and not to mention she is a blogger! She is also a witty character and stubborn at times too, but she doesn't really care about what other thinks about her because she is already broken and I empathize with her. 

It actually took me a while to actually start liking Brian (a.k.a. Cinder). I find him to be childish and the ways he behaved are sometimes uncalled for. However, I definitely grew to like him more and more bacause of his funnny banters with Ella.

The stepfamily was not as bad as I expected them to be. Although they were relunctant to cohabit together in the same house, they still try to make an effort to try to include Ella into their family. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this modern Cinderella retelling. It has a mixture of friendship, romance, and family relationships in this stand-alone that makes it worth reading.

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