The Leveller by Julia Durango

Type: Series
Genre: Sci- Fi, Mystery, Young Adult
Date Published: June 23, 2015
Publisher: HarperCollins
Source: Harcover // Library

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Summary: Nixy Bauer is a self-made Leveller. Her job? Dragging kids out of virtual reality and back to their parents in the real world. It’s normally easy cash, but Nixy’s latest mission is fraught with real danger, intrigue, and romance.

Nixy Bauer is used to her classmates being very, very unhappy to see her. After all, she’s a bounty hunter in a virtual reality gaming world. Kids in the MEEP, as they call it, play entirely with their minds, while their bodies languish in a sleeplike state on the couch. Irritated parents, looking to wrench their kids back to reality, hire Nixy to jump into the game and retrieve them.

But when the game’s billionaire developer loses track of his own son in the MEEP, Nixy is in for the biggest challenge of her bounty-hunting career. Wyn Salvador isn’t some lazy kid looking to escape his homework: Wyn does not want to be found. And he’s left behind a suicide note. Nixy takes the job but quickly discovers that Wyn’s not hiding—he’s being held inside the game against his will. But who is holding him captive, and why?

Nixy and Wyn attempt to fight their way out of a mind game unlike any they’ve encountered, and the battle brings them closer than either could have imagined. But when the whole world is virtual, how can Nixy possibly know if her feelings are real?

Review: I enjoyed this more than what I expected it to be, mostly because I have low expectations for it when I picked it up. When I heard about this book, I wasn't enthusiastic about picking it up, but I still decided to because it looked very short and seems to be very fast-paced, which is something that I would need right now.

Going into it, I noticed a bunch of problems. One, the story was weak. There really wasn't much to it. Throughout the story, there wasn't much of a character development with the characters. There was no depth into the story!

Two, the romance was pretty much lacking. After Nixy quickly finds Wyn in his customized MEEP, she begins to quickly hate him, but a few seconds later, she begins falling for him. Talk about instalove.

I thought that it was really entertaining and fast-paced and I would definitely recommend it for those looking for a light and entertaining read.

My Rating: 2.5/5