Review List


Ahdieh, Renee ✒︎ The Wrath and the Dawn
Alender, Katie ✒︎ The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall
Allen, Rachael ✒︎ The Revenge Playbook
Anastasiu, Heather ✒︎ Girl Last Seen
Angelini, Josephine ✒︎ Trial by Fire
Armentrout, Jennifer L. ✒︎ Obsidian,
                                       ✒︎ White Hot Kiss
                                       ✒︎ Stone Cold Touch
Aveyard, Victoria ✒︎ Red Queen


Banks, Anna ✒︎ Joyride
Bardugo, Leigh ✒︎ Six of Crows
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn ✒︎ The Fixer
Beard, Sarah ✒︎ Beyond the Rising Tide
Black, Holly ✒︎ The Coldest Girl in Coldtown
Boecker, Virginia ✒︎ The Witch Hunter
Bone, K.L. ✒︎ Black Rose
Bow, Erin ✒︎ The Scorpian Rules
Bracken, Alexandra ✒︎ The Darkest Minds
Brown, Anne Greenwood ✒︎ Girl Last Seen


Cameron, Sharon ✒︎ Rook
Carter, Ally ✒︎ Gallagher Girls
                         ✒︎ All Fall Down
Cass, Kiera ✒︎ The Selection
Clare, Cassandra ✒︎ The Infernal Devices Manga
Corp, Carey ✒︎ Doon
Cummings, Lindsay ✒︎ The Murder Complex
Cutugno, Katie ✒︎ 99 Days


de la Cruz, Melissa ✒︎ Blue Bloods Graphic Novel
Demetrios, Heather ✒︎ Something Real
                                ✒︎ Exquisite Captive
                                ✒︎ Blood Passage
Draanen, Wendelin Van ✒︎ Sammy Keyes Series
Durango, Julia ✒︎ The Leveller


Ewing, Amy ✒︎ The White Rose
Easton, Tobie  ✒︎ Emerge
Engel, Amy ✒︎ The Revolution of Ivy (The Book of Ivy #2)



Gibaldi, Lauren ✒︎ The Night We Said Yes
Gier, Kerstin ✒︎ Dream a Little Dream
Gillen, Kieron ✒︎ The Wicked+The Divine, Vol.2: Fandemonium
                           ✒︎ The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 3: Commercial Suicide
Greenhalgh, Stephanie ✒︎ The Twistedly True Tale of Ruby Hood
Grey, Melissa ✒︎ The Girl at Midnight


Hamstead, Katie ✒︎ Princess of Tyrone
Han, Jenny ✒︎ Burn for Burn
                    ✒︎ P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han (To All The Boys I've Loved Before #2)
Hawkins, Paula ✒︎ The Girl on the Train
Hillyer, Lexa ✒︎ Proof of Forever
Hocking, Amanda ✒︎ Frostfire
                              ✒︎ Ice Kissed
Hodge, Rosamund ✒︎ Crimson Bound
Hopkins, Ellen ✒︎ Crank



Johansen, Erika ✒︎ The Queen of the Tearling
                           ✒︎ The Invasion of the Tearling
Johnston, E.K. ✒︎ A Thousand Nights


Kagawa, Julie ✒︎ Talon
                        ✒︎ Rogue
                        ✒︎ The Immortal Rules
Kapur, Saba ✒︎ Lucky Me
Keplinger, Kody ✒︎ Lying Out Loud
Kova, Elise Air Awakens
Krys, Michelle ✒︎ Hexed


Langdon, Lorie ✒︎ Doon
Lockhart, E. ✒︎ We Were Liars
Lu, Marie ✒︎ The Young Elites 
                 ✒︎ Legend Graphic Novel
                 ✒︎ The Rose Society by Marie Lu (The Young Elites #2)


Maas, Sarah J. ✒︎ A Court of Thorns and Roses
                        ✒︎ A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses #2)
                        ✒︎ Queen of Shadows
McGowan, Jennifer ✒︎ Maid of Secrets
Mead, Richelle ✒︎ The Glittering Court 
Meadows, Jodi ✒︎ The Orphan Queen
Moldavsky, Goldy ✒︎ Kill the Boy Band
Morency, Dayana ✒︎ Falling Light
Moyes, Jojo ✒︎ Me Before You
Muffarotto, Mirella ✒︎ Craving U


Nelson, O.T. ✒︎ The Girl Who Owned a City
Novak, Ali ✒︎ The Heartbreakers


Oram, Kelly ✒︎ Cinder & Ella
                     ✒︎ V is for Virgin


Paetro, Maxine ✒︎ The Murder of an Angel
Painchaud, Michelle ✒︎ Pretending to be Erica
Patterson, James ✒︎ The Muder of an Angel



Raasch, Sara ✒︎ Snow Like Ashes
                      ✒︎ Ice Like Fire
Rhodes, Morgan ✒︎ Falling Kingdoms,
                            ✒︎ A Book of Spirits and Thieves
                             ✒︎ The Darkest Magic (Spirits and Thieves #2)
Riordan, Rick ✒︎ The Sword of Summer
Rocford, Rena ✒︎ Of Pens and Swords
Ryan, Carrie  ✒︎ Daughter of Deep Silence


Salisbury, Melinda ✒︎ The Sin Eater's Daughter
Scott, Kieran ✒︎ This Is So Not Happening
Shakespeare, William ✒︎ Romeo and Juliet
Sigler, Scott ✒︎ Alive
Sinclair, Pembroke ✒︎ Life After Undead
Sirowy, Alexandra ✒︎ The Creeping
Skye, Evelyn ✒︎ The Crown's Game
Sloat, Christy Slumber
Smale, Holly ✒︎ Geek Girl
Spencer, Nick ✒︎ Morning Glories
Stevenson, Noelle ✒︎ Nimona
Stout, Katie M. ✒︎ Hello, I Love You
Stradling, Rita ✒︎ Henchgirl


Tahir, Sabaa ✒︎ An Ember in the Ashes
Thomas, Rhiannon ✒︎ A Wicked Thing
Toliver, Wendy ✒︎ Once Upon a Time: Red's Untold Tale



Vivian, Siobhan ✒︎ Burn for Burn


Wallace, Becky✒︎ The Storyspinner
West, Kasie ✒︎ The Fill-In Boyfriend
Weil, J.L. ✒︎ White Raven
Wildennstein, Olivia ✒︎ The Masterpiecers
Wilson, G. Willow ✒︎ Ms. Marvel



Yancey, Rick ✒︎ The Last Star
Young, Suzanne ✒︎ The Program
                              ✒︎ Hotel Ruby