Book Review: Arranged by Julia Crane

Type: Trilogy
Genre: Fantasy
Publication Date: September 3, 2015
Publisher: Valknut Press
Source: NetGalley

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Summary: Extended Version: Previously a short story in an anthology now it's a Novella. 
Magick’s been restored on earth but it comes at a crippling price. With the planet on the brink of destruction, an unlikely pair must work together to try to bridge together a lifetime of hatred. Will their forbidden romance bring their worlds together or tear them apart?


I really wanted to finish this book and give my full opinion about the book, but I had a hard time doing that so I got more that halfway with the book before I gave up on it.

Tulepea was sent to Earth to "breed" with a human A.K.A Michael in order to repopulate the Earth after a long war. That is already the problem I have with it.

The characters were did not fit in at all and their interactions were awkward. There were not many descriptions of the characters so it was hard imagining how they look like. Tulupea acts like a self-centered brat most of the time and Michael just rubs me in the wrong way. At the very beginning, Tulupea doesn't want to mate with a human at all and find the idea infuriating, but after seeing Michael for the first time, she seems to be okay with it.

The plot was baffling and the writing style did not help with the enjoyment with the book at all. The entire plot was pretty much pointless and unneccessary. What I really want to read about is the war. It sounds really interesting, but it was only mentioned in a few lines or so. Overall, it was a big disappointment even though I went into it with no idea what it is about. 

My Rating: