Quick Chat: Why I Love the Gallagher Girls Series


If you don't know, Disney Hyperion has released the tenth-anniversary editions of  the series this past June with a whole new cover and six new epilogues! Can I just say HELL YES? So being the huge fan that I am, I went on Amazon and bought the entire series because I really need those epilogues and since I didn't own the original editions, this gives me a great opportunity to actually own the series without my mom thinking I am wasting money on books instead of saving for college. I actually did a review of the series at the very beginning of my blogging days and if you want to check it out click here.


I am getting a little side tracked right now so let's get back to what this post is really about. As you can already tell by the title, I am going to tell you about why I LOVE the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter. I don't know why I haven't talked about this series more often because this is one of my favorite childhood reads, right beside Harry Potter. I actually read the when I was in fifth or sixth grade, around the time that I was getting into YA. Ever since then I have been hooked on this series. 


My favorite book in the series would definitely be Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy because that is when we first meet Zack! To be honest, I didn't actually like Josh that much so I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You didn't really sit well with me. There is just a lot of reason why I really like this book so I might do a review for it when I reread it in the near future.


The first reason why I love this series is the premise. A spy school for girls? Who wouldn't want to read that? What I love about this series is that it wasn't typically a dark read even when things get really serious, there is always something to keep it from getting too dark and that is what I typically enjoy about these books. The world that Ally Carter created was really well thought out from the way the history of the school to the subjects that are taught. There wasn't a lot of heavy romance, nor was there not any at all. What I love about the series is that it doesn't focus on only one person's love life, but also others around them and it just works. The books are a fun and clean read that is a perfect entertainment all in all. 


Can I just talk about the characters? Cammie has this group of friends that anyone could relate to so I think that why I love this series. There's the really smart Liz, the adventurous Bex, the beautiful Macey, and then there's Cammie, who holds everyone together. Although they appear to be different they are fiercely loyal to one another and would back each other up. #squadgoals Everyone in this series is so lovable, except for the bad guys of course, like the faculty members and the other students. Everyone just fits so well together and they weren't awkwardly placed together to see how everything will go from there.


The third and final reason why I love this series is because of how easy it is to read the books. It is light hearted and very fast paced so whenever I am in a reading slump I would pick up one of the books and read some of my favorite scenes and then I would feel all better.


There are no words to describe how much I love this series. I probably said 'love' a lot in this post so just bear with me on that. Gallagher Girls is an amazing series that I would recommend for everyone. After reading this series, I have been looking for more spy books that could top this, but I have no such luck. Gallagher Girls will always have a special place in my heart and will always be one of my all time favorite series. 

Cindy Da Readaholic.