Quick Chat: My First Experience with Audiobooks

Audiobooks tend to be very expensive, around $20-$30. I was really shocked with the price and I have never even thought about trying it out because being a broke teenager right now, it would be very stupid to spend so much money on a narration of a book that I can buy for a cheaper amount. However, my curiosity got the better of me so awhile back, I got a free trial from Audible and I can definitely see what the hype was about. 

First off, the pros. 

Multitaask: With audiobooks you can actually do more things at once. I was able to listen to a book that I was hoping to finish before watching the movie while I was cleaning my room. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. 

Narration: The narrations were spot-on and you can hear the story come to life. The tones the narrators use to describe a certain scene really adds to the reading experience because if I would read it in my head, everything would be monotonous. 

Pronunciations: When listening to audiobooks, you can actually learn to say words that you can't really pronounce so that it a plus.

Read/Listen to New Material : Audiobooks allow me to actually listen to books that I probably wouldn't have picked up to read. For me, those are contemporaries which don't typically hold my attention very well and I would skip around which would hinder the reading experience.

Now for the cons. 

Distractions: Living in the 21st century, it is really hard to focus on one thing at a time, so I would get distracted and miss som

Time-Consuming: It did take longer for me to finish but at least I'm not skipping some parts that I would've missed if I was reading a book.

Too Pricey: Like I said, audiobooks aren't cheap and that is what I tend to worry about.

So these are the pros and cons that I have with audiobooks. Would I still continue to listen to audiobooks? Yes. Was the experience worth it? Absolutely. I would definitely recommend to try it once because it was a really wonderful experience.

Cindy Da Readaholic.


  1. I have an audiobook focused blog, so obviously I'm an enthusiast; but I too struggled with distractions when I first started listening. I've found that I've gotten better at it as I go along.

    As for price - you should check with your library, mine has a huge selection of downloadable audiobooks for borrowing. And there are lots of good sales throughout the year.

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