Book Review: Falling Light by Dayana Morency

Type: Stand-Alone
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal
Publication Date: March 8, 2016`
Publisher: Self-Published
Source: Review copy from YA Bound Book Tours
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Summary: This will be the summer of love . . . and death.

When seventeen-year-old Rosalynn Young pictured her summer vacation, she didn't think she would be spending it working as a maid at the Millennium Hotel. She imagined painting and gardening. But soon, in spite of her disappointment, she meets Victor Gregoire. Wayward and enigmatic, he sends a chill up her spine. Everything about him feels foreign--unearthly.

Dangerously drawn to Victor, Rosalynn willfully ignores his volatile mood swings. When she impulsively enters Victor's room, she finds a journal dating back to the 19th Century and a photograph of him from August 14, 1874.

He's hiding something sinister and she's desperate to find out what, even if it means risking everything. But Rosalynn fails to realize that her attraction to Victor comes at a price and she soon learns some secrets are better kept hidden.

She's in for the summer job of a lifetime.


Falling Light followed the same structure of a paranormal book, but the reason why I do not like this book at all is the similarity with Twilight. The storyline and the characters are exactly the same but in different situations.

Let me explain:
Rocky first encounter.
There is the insta-love between the two main characters (Rosalynn and Victor).
Victor is a stalker.
Victor warns Rosalynn that it is dangerous for them to be together, but still tries to be together.

Victor is also a prick. He has these random mood swings where he is cold and them nice all of a sudden. I wouldn't have minded that at all if it hadn't been happening the entire time! I swear, I have not read a book where I hated the protagonist so much.

Honestly, the summary sounds so interesting and I believe that it had the potential to be an amazing paranormal book if it doesn't remind me a whole lot  about Twilight. In the end, I wasn't able to finish the book, but hopefully it does not turn out to be completely Twilight and have its own uniqueness to it. 

My Rating: