Review: Of Pens and Swords by Rena Rocford

Type: Stand-Alone
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: March 21, 2016
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Source: Review copy from NetGalley
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Summary:  Seventeen-year-old Cyra Berque wants two things in life: a date with Rochan and a chance to fence at the Olympics. But people with one hand don’t normally fence, and girls with big thighs don’t get the boy. Knowing that she wants to make the Olympics, Cyra’s coach sets her up with another coach, one who could take her all the way to the top, but the new coach costs more. Feeling her dreams slipping out of reach, Cyra agrees to tutor a ballerina with a rich father and a D minus in English. It’s triple the pay and triple the pain. The ballerina isn’t interested in passing classes―she wants Rochan, and she’s promised she’ll turn her D minus into a full-fledged F if Cyra doesn’t help her win the heart of Rochan.


Of Pens and Swords is a wonderful read. I am so emotional right now that I don't even know how I convey what I feel in words. This book is more than a romance story, it is about friendship, self-empowerment and to follow your dreams. I know that sounds really cheesy, but it is better than it sounds.

Of Pens and Swords is about Cyra, who despite the fact that she has one hand, is a very talented fencer, but lacks the money for a new coach to get to her dreams of being in the Olympics. This is where Christine comes in. Christine is the beautiful, talented ballerina who is too focused on going to auditions than to focus on her studies. Cyra is hired to tutor Christine in English, but also to win the heart of Cyra's crush Rochan.

The characters were very well-written. They have their unique personality and there is a lot of depth into them which allows you to connect to them. One issue I have about the book is that there wasn't a lot of character development. There wasn't a lot of growth with Cyra throughout the book. She practically stayed the same even after facing some serious issues. 

I really wished that it would be longer because I felt like it ended abruptly. The ending really got to me. It was totally unexpected and it surprised me in the worst and best ways possible. I have this hole in my heart and I don't know what to do. I just really enjoy this book and I just can't stop gushing about it!

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