Update Time: New Series, School Reading, Etc.

I really haven't done much of these types of posts where I just talk to you guys on the internet, like what I am doing right now so I thought it would be fun to start doing this and see how much I will like it! Basically on these types of post, I would mostly give updates on what books I am reading, what I have been interested in and so on because I really have a lot of stuff that I have been really enjoying right now but most of them are like non-book related so I don't even know how I am supposed to include it in this blog and now hopefully, this will help me out a little!

What I am Reading: 
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver
Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
Death Wish by Megan Tayte

This month has been a bad reading month for me because it has been very stressful. My english teacher assigned me TWO books (Great Expectations and The Bean Trees) to read and they have been taking up most of my time that I have to put down the books I have been reading. Great Expectations is a fairly big book that is really hard for me to read with all its old english writing that it is hard for me to wrap my head onto another book. 

Exciting News:
I have been saving up some money now and I am finally investing it on a new tablet! Yay! Right now, I have been reading books on my phone and it has become a habit of mine to bring it so close to my face and it is bad for my eyes so now I have something to read on that won't be as damaging with more storage for more books!

What I've Been Into Lately:
The Shannara Chronicles
Legends of Tomorrow
Moorim School

Besides the shows that I have been watching, I have been really into the Shannara Chronicles lately. The plot and the world were so amazing and unique that it made me almost want to read the books. Almost. It is an interesting fantasy show and I was hesitant to watch it, but I am really enjoying it right now. 

Last night was the premiere of Legends of Tomorrow on the CW, which I didn't know about until I turned on the TV so it was a wonderful surprise. The pilot episode was really interesting so I can't wait to see how it goes! One of the things that I really enjoy about the DC Comics TV shows are the cross-overs so I want to see how it turns out in this new series.

The next show is Moorim School which is a Korean drama (If you don't know, I love dramas) and I am really digging it. I really hope that it doesn't start to get a little boring though because that happens to me all the time where I enjoyed the show but then it got boring that I just gave up on it. I really hope that isn't the case with this drama though because it seems like it has a lot of potential.

Songs Stuck in My Head at the moment:
Send My Love (To Your New Lover) by Adele
Alive by VIXX (Moorim School OST)
Ooh-Ah by TWICE

That is all for this update and I hope you really enjoy it. I'm not sure if it is going to be a weekly or monthly thing so I think I would do this whenever I want to so it wouldn't be very pressuring for me. Have a great day and see ya!

Da Readaholic.


  1. This is such a great idea! It's great seeing a range of posts in my feed and this series will allow you to post about more of your interests which I for one love <3
    Sorry to hear about how your reading has been going. Don't teachers understand that we have other books we want to read?! And they're much more engaging than those classics ;) it's good that you've still been able to watch some TV shows though. Tomorrow I'm planning to watch the first episodes of The Shannara Chronicles and Legends of Tomorrow :D along with catching up on The Flash
    Enchanted by YA


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