Review: The Murder of an Angel by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro (Confessions #4)

Type: Series
Genre: Mystery, Young Adult
Date Published: October 26, 2015
Publisher: Little, Brown Company
Source: Hardcover // Amazon

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Summary: In the dramatic conclusion of the bestselling Confessions series, Tandy Angel's next murder case could be her own!

Tandy Angel is losing her mind—or so she thinks. Even as she's forced to fight for the family company, she's imagining new dangers in every shadow. And as her detective prowess is called into question and her paranoia builds, she has to face the very real possibility that the stalker she's convinced will take her life could be all in her head—or the very real danger that finally brings her down.


I love this series so much so it was kind of heartbreaking to see it all end. I was at school during the time when I got a comfirmation that my package was delivered that I could not concentrate at all during my classes. So the first thing I did was I rushed home and opened the package laid on my desk. Can you imagine my surprise when I saw the book at all?! It was so short and I thought I was imagining things. There is no way that is the last book in the series. But I put that thought aside because I need to read it and have some closure.

However, I was kind of disappointed with the turn out of the book. I thought the ending was okay, not as amazing and epic as I thought it would be, but okay. Everything just felt kind of rushed for me so it was hard to process what was going on at all. Although the series has ended, I didn't feel like there was much closure at all.

We didn't see much of James in this book though (only once) but he was mentioned a lot by Tandy and C.P. was just a bitch. How can I not see that coming at all? I actually thought that they were going to make up at one point but that didn't happen. The first few pages were filled with drama but it kind of went downhill after that. I really want to find out how C.P. even met James or have they known each other the entire time. This has been bugging me for the last year now and I don't think I will be getting an answer any time soon.

Most of the book was about Tandy trying to solve the mystery of who was murdering her and trying to take down her Uncle Peter. I was kind disappointed that there wasn't a lot of family time at all. There wasn't a lot of Harry and Tandy moments at all and those were my favorite scenes, seeing them bicker and their twin instincts.

Katherine was a mystery that Tandy didn't solve at all. At the end, I was left wondering about Katherine, like how does she mysteriously appear all the time and what has she been doing this entire time.

I read in less than two hours and I kind of cried a little on the inside when I was done. I seriously wanted to see more of Tandy in action but I guess not. I was seriously hoping for an epilogue though, to see how the Angels are doing after everything that has happened.

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