Reading Update (2)

Sooo, I have been having a very bad week. I am so freaking tired and I am so glad that it is finally the weekend. I have been so busy this whole week with tests and homework that I don't even have any time to read anymore. Everytime I get home from school, I instantly fall asleep and wake up to find myself in the evening and I have to do my homework. 

I have only finished one book. Isn't that sad?! I feel like I am complaining right now, so I'll try to keep my whining to the minimum. 


1. Finished reading Alive by Scott Sigler. It was okay. Did not see that twist coming though.

2. I have been trying to make my blog look neater so there are some slight changes to the sidebar if any of you haven't notice.

3. I started reading these two manga: Special A and Shitsuji Sama no Okiniiri. It might seen weird for me to talk about manga on this YA book blog, but I really enjoy it, so I'm gonna talk about it, because it is my blog. 

Special A
I watched the anime of Special A when I was young and I remember that I really enjoyed it. I didn't even know that it was a manga at first so I was really happy when I found out. Wouldn't lie, but I think I enjoyed the manga better than the anime. 
Shitsuji Sama no Okiniiri

I just found Shitsuji Sama by chance and I really enjoyed it. The main character doesn't act very realistically, but I really enjoy it.  Both manga is centered around an elite school with people that don't fit in, so I think this would be my type of genres that I would enjoy.

4. Wattpad. Last year, my friends and I are really interested in this community. However, because of other interests, I stopped going to it, but after reading The Heartbreakers by Ali Novak (if you didn't know, it was a Wattpad published book) I decided to go on it again. There are a few books that I followed so I really need to catch up to it.

5. I am also participating in the #readinseptember challenge on Instagram so hopefully you can follow me and check it out!

What To Read
I am currently reading Alex + Ada volume 2 so hopefully I will finish that this weekend. Also, I will be starting on Model Misfit by Holly Smale, but I will probably put that down and read Queen of Shadow when it arrive later on. Seriously, I have been seeing a lot of people posting pics of their copy and I am very jealous of them. I really need to get my hands on it so I would not be spoiled!!

Anyway, have you guys tried the new strawberry shortcake frap from Starbucks. It is literally the best! It is a limited time drink so make sure to try it. I am definitely going back some time later on and trying the other one (the name is totally blanking on me right now).

Well, that all there is to it. Hopefully, I can have some time to write up some reviews and whatnot to improve this blog. I am going to try to read as much as I can and remember to check out my Instagram page for my September challenge. Thank you for checking out my blog and read on readaholics!

                                                                                             ~Da Readaholic