Alive by Scott Sigler Review

Type: Trilogy
Genre: Young Adult, Sci- Fi, Mystery, Thriller
Date Published: July 14, 2015
Publisher: Del Rey
Source: Hardcover // Library

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Summary: A young woman awakes trapped in an enclosed space. She has no idea who she is or how she got there. With only her instincts to guide her, she escapes her own confinement—and finds she’s not alone. She frees the others in the room and leads them into a corridor filled with the remains of a war long past. The farther these survivors travel, the worse are the horrors they confront. And as they slowly come to understand what this prison is, they realize that the worst and strangest possibilities they could have imagined don’t even come close to the truth.

Review: This book surprised be in any ways possible. This was the definition of an amazing book. There is amazing plot developments, intruging characters, and twists and turns that you do not see coming.

A girl, Em, wakes up in a room filled with coffins not knowing who or where she is. She later becomes the leader of these group of kids who are just like her as they explore their surroundings and finding a way out.

It was action packed and it sounded very promising. I thought that Scott Sigler's writing was alright; it just took me a while to get used to, but after that, I was completely engrossed with the story. 

Overall, I thought that the story was great. It has a unique storyline and it kept my attention throughout. However, I just felt that it just wasn't my type of book, but I feel that some might enjoy it more so than I did.

My Rating: 3/5


  1. I listened to this one as an audiobook and didn't really know what to think. The twist was definitely something and like you said, unique, but I don't think I'm the target audience for this. It was cool when it had the Lord of the Flies vibe, but then just derailed.

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