Sammy Keyes Series by Wendelin Van Draanen

Genre: Middle- grade Mystery
Type: 18-Book Series

Date Published: 1999-2014
Publisher: Scholastic

Summary: This book follows Sammy Keyes on her adventures of solving mysteries with her friends. The books start from her 7th grade year to high school. Click Here -> Goodreads

Review: First of all, I read this book when I was in fifth grade. I reread  the entire series this winter and it was just as amazing as I first read it. I definitely love this series so much. I read the first eight book in fifth grade and then I stopped when I started to read more YA. When I heard that the series was ending, I was so sad and I really want to finish. What I really enjoy about the series was the fact that I connect really well with Sammy. She is independent and fierce, who don't about what others say. She doesn't let what other people say to get her down or the fact that she was abandoned by her mother. I would highly reccomend this series to middle schoolers who are getting into reading and for those that enjoy a simple mystery.

Rating: 4/5