Morning Glories Vol. 1 by Nick Spencer

Genre: Mystery, Adventure
Type: Comic Book Series

Summary: A group of teenagers areive at the prestigious Morning Glory Academy and encounter some problems. 

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Review: I enjoyed really enjoyed the book, but there are a few times that I was like "what is going on?" I didn't know much going into this so I have know idea there is going to be supernatural phenomena and blood. I did enjoy it though even though it was not my taste. 

The artwork is amazing, which I really enjoy, and it did have me wanting to read more. Throughout the book, I can see the character development going of Casey and the other students. From what I can tell, I was pretty much confused throughout the entire book. There were flashbacks of the past that I have no idea what it has to do with the school, but at the end, I had no idea what I just read. 

Above all, it was pretty enjoyable and I would continue on with the comic to see what is going on.

My Rating: 3/5