Blue Bloods Graphic Novel by Melissa De La Cruz

Rating: 3/5
Genre: Supernatural
Type: Graphic Novel

Summary: Takes place in modern New York where vampires came from the Mayflower to the new world. it follows Schuyler who one day discover blue veins on her arms. Then a girl died from her school as more dangers follow.
Graphic Novel -> Goodread

Review: I read this novel before I realized that it was a book. It was quick to read which was mainly the reason why I picked it up. I had many troubles about this graphic novel, mostly because it was a book adaptation so many detail were left out, confusing me a little. Also, the love interests don't seem to connect at all. Although I have many troubles with it, I thoroughly enjoyed the art and the new concept of the vampires. 

Aa a graphic novel, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It left me wanting to read more and that's what I enjoy. I would definitely pick the second volume if they do make a sequel even though I highly doubt that. However, I would pick up the series in the later future if I can get into vampire books again.